Cristiano Vavassori

Farmer/owner: Cristiano Vavassori
Farm location: Calcinate (BG) Italy
Farm name: Azienda Agricola Vavassori
Herd: 55 Holstein Friesians
Milking system: Fullwood Merlin
Date of installation: May 2012
A breakthrough in breeder management system. This is the strongest motivation behind the choice made by Cristiano Vavassori.
His son joining the company’s management and the need to make better use of their time to be allocated to other important business tasks, are the main reasons which led the Cristiano to choose to rely on the Fullwood Merlin for milking their animals.
Also for the family Vavassori milking per quarter and improving the health status of animals were important elements in their decision.
The final reason that led Mr Vavassori to choose the combination of Fullwood Merlin and TDM (the main Fullwood Dealer in Italy) was animal husbandry expertise and professionalism of the people who will support the needs of their company over the coming years, keeping the machines fully efficient and providing technical support to achieve the business goals.

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