Engelen Family

Farmer/owner: Engelen Family
Farm location: Troine, Luxembourg
Farm name: Oberste Hohe
Herd: 300 cows
Milking system: Fullwood rotary abreast
Date of installation: June 2016
The Engelen family have installed a new setup including a 50pt rotary abreast milking system, collecting yard with backing gate and a cubicle barn, all to provide increased efficiency, better working conditions and maximum comfort for their cows. The 300 strong herd provides an average milk yield of 10,200 kg per cow per year.
The new Fullwood rotary milking system was purchased from and installed by Lemmer Fullwood, Fullwood’s distributor in Germany.
Since the parlour installation, the brothers have said they are very pleased with the improved working conditions in comparison to their previous parlour. Stainless steel surfaces within the rotary makes for easier cleaning and the positioning of the cows allows for faster cluster attachment. Cow health and heat detection data have improved with the use of Crystal herd management software which collects data from each cow’s pedometer.
The new setup features a new cleaning system which recycles and purifies water. The new barn is used to house the freshly lactating cows whilst existing farm buildings are used to accommodate dry cows.

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