Mr Tamáis Busáik

Farmer/owner: Mr Tamáis Busáik
Farm location: Nagyecsed, Hungary
Farm name: Inter-Agrárium
Herd: 530 Holsteins
Milking system: 60 point abreast rotary Fullwood Revolution
Date of installation: September 2010
Milking technology in Hungary is increasingly improving. Nothing highlights this better than the investment that was carried out in 2010 at Inter-Agrárium dairy-farm situated in North-East Hungary. The management has invested in a new Fullwood parlour to milk their 530 strong herd. With an eye to the future the owners chose a 60 point Fullwood Rotary Abreast Revolution that will milk the planned herd size of 680 comfortably.
Inter-Agrárium dairy-farm was established in 1991 and today is one of the most dynamically developing dairy-farms in Nagyecsed, Hungary. Before the current investment, the farm owned eight barns with eight-hundred milking cows. 50% of the current livestock is from Germany and Holland, considering its breed is 100% Holstein cattle.
Only one year has passed since the new parlour milked in and the management have already decided to increase the herd size to 1500. They have been impressed by the reduction in milking times from 4 to 4.5 hours twice a day performed by four people on a 2x2x8 herringbone parlour, to only 2.5 to 3 hours twice a day with three people on the new rotary. Overall time and labour costs have reduced by 25%. Furthermore yield in one lactation has increased by 25%, to 8000-8500 litre milk/lactation. All the data about yield, cow activity and health are recorded by Crystal Herd Management System.

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