Fullwood Packo produce its largest ever silo tank

Fullwood Packo has many years of experience in the production of vertical tanks for cooling and storage of liquids in the food industry and dairy farming.
Fullwood Packo produce its largest ever silo tank

With the biggest tank produced recorded at 40.000L, Fullwood Packo have pushed the boundaries with the production of not one but two of its first 50.000L silo tanks.

These two 50.000L tanks fully customised will be making their way to a customer with 1000 high yielding cows to meet the individual needs of their farm. This system will allow large, continuous volumes of milk to be instantly cooled down to 4°C using ice water cooling technology.

Continuous investment in milk cooling and storage technologies has led to a cleaning system designed without compromises and developed to meet all local and international regulations of the strictest requirements.

Streamlined production processes have enabled the manufacturing of silo tanks in Belgium to double in order to meet increasing demand for larger storage capacity on farm.

From family-run dairy farms, to mega-farms and milk collection centres, Fullwood Packo can provide the smart cooling solution for every dairy farmer.

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