Fullwood Packo’s new Rotary R²evolution wins Silver Hoof Award at Agribex and unveils a new look

Rotary Revolution

On Tuesday 3rd December 2019 Fullwood Packo won the ‘Silver Hoof’ award at Belgium’s agricultural show, Agribex for its new Rotary R²evolution. This latest award reinforces Fullwood Packo’s commitment in the development of world leading smart milking and cooling solutions focused on improving the lives of dairy cows and their farmers.

The Fullwood Packo Rotary R²evolution offers comfortable and productive milking for all cows. It features a new unique individual indexing shoulder bar which encourages the cow to stand towards the back of the stall. Therefore, closer to the operator and in the best position for optimum cluster attachment.

Rotary Revolution

The new Fullwood Packo R²evolution provides more comfort and safety for the cows and the milker, resulting in a better milking environment for all. An introduction of a second time around gate encourages the cow to leave the stall at the end of milking, significantly improving efficiencies and help in perfecting milking routines.

Smart milking in combination with improved cow comfort on this new Rotary R²evolution will improve the amount of milk harvested in the first two minutes which results in more litres in less time for the farmer. The result is a highly comfortable and safe milking environment and a more profitable overall dairy operation, we call this smart milking.

Not only did Fullwood Packo win an award for innovation but in addition won best trade stand displaying the complete smart milking and cooling solutions. From exhibiting the latest conventional milking equipment to robotic, cooling and herd management software, visitors were able to experience Fullwood Packo products on farm through virtual reality and challenge each other through milking gamification.

Visitors were greeted by friendly experts to find that solution that’s right for their farm.

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