Conventional Milking

Conventional Milking

Enhance your performance and productivity in the perfect milking environment

The right milking parlour should fit your farm, not the other way around. Whatever the size of your farm and your preferred milking option we have the solution for you. Our extensive range are renowned across the world for the cow-first design and robust manufacture. Whether you require a Rotary system, Parallel (standard or rapid exit), or Herringbone, all solutions are designed to keep both cows and their milkers comfortable during operation, helping you to achieve efficient, stress-free milking in the perfect environment for your farm.

Herringbone Series Parlours

With greater accessibility and durable design, our Herringbone series combines faster milking with a choice of cow standing angle to suit your farm.

Quick Series Parlours

From faster changeover to better access, the Quick series range of parallel parlours create a smooth and relaxed milking experience for you and your cows.

Rotary Series Parlours

Increase comfort, while improving milking yield and speed. Our unique Rotary parlours offer greater comfort and profitability during milking.

Conventional Milking Technique

Our unique world-class Streampulse technology ensures healthier cows, better milk quality, and higher production. Our extensive experience is at your service.

Cow Handling

Automated backing gates and segregation systems to optimise cow flow. Your safe and efficient solution for saving labour and time.

Multi Species

Our wide milking experience has led to the development of tailored solutions for other lactating species, such as goats, sheep and buffaloes.

After Sales Support

We’re here to help. With full After Sales support for complete flexibility and peace of mind, your milking and cooling will remain efficient and profitable for years to come.

Why choose Fullwood Packo?

We know that no two farms are the same. We care about creating your perfect milking environment. First, we take the time to understand your needs and ambitions. We then find the most innovative approach to making your farm more productive and efficient. Together, we can find a perfect milking solution for you.