Rotary Series Parlours

A world-class milking solution, whatever your farm size

In 1969, Fullwood Packo launched the first rotary, revolutionising milking for farmers across the world. 50 years later, our advanced rotary parlours combine decades of innovation with cow comfort and usability. The result? A solution for farms of all sizes, designed for high performance and smoother milking. Our Rotary parlours make milking consistently successful and efficient, in a safe environment that’s more pleasant for cows and more profitable for you.


Farmer benefits: The Rotary R²evolution is an abreast rotary parlour that offers comfortable and productive milking for all cows, featuring a unique individual indexing bar that encourages the cow to stand closer to the operator for optimum cluster attachment and leave the parlour afterwards. The integrated second round bar eliminates the need of a rump rail. The R²evolution collects more milk in less time, providing a safe environment for profitable milking.


Farmer benefits: The Saturnus is an internal parallel rotary, combining the benefits of internal and external milking rotaries into one solution. The unique walk-in system rotates the cows by 90° twice instead of a full 180°, for smoother entry and exit of the platform, particularly with high throughput. Hydraulic gates ensure ideal cow positioning, making the Saturnus an advanced high capacity milking solution offering greater comfort for the cow and more visibility for the farmer.


Farmer benefits: The Mercury is a Herringbone internal Rotary parlour with a full overview of the cows at all times. Free walk-on helps the cows enter the platform more quickly and allows better cow positioning for improved milking. With shorter walking distances, a long lifespan and low maintenance costs, the Mercury is a powerful Rotary that offers you more control than ever.

Would you like to know more?

Improve milk quality while shortening milking times. It really is that simple. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us. Whether it’s a quick question or an in-depth conversation, we’re here to help.

Safety for you and your cows

Your safety is our highest priority. All our milking environments are created for maximum safety and comfort, both for your team and your cows. The robust and ergonomic design of every parlour allows optimum cow positioning, for complete comfort and safety during every stage of milking.