iControl System

The central brain of your cooling tank

Unlock the full power of your milking process. iControl is intelligent software that can record all the necessary data in a way that integrates seamlessly into your daily operations, recording every action between the cooling tank, milking system, and yourself. Using the smartest technological features on the market, iControl monitor and records all your integrated data, together with the Fullwood Packo Cooling App, for complete insight and full control over your valuable milking business.

A smart approach

Farmer benefits

Your intelligent digital assistant for better cooling. iControl supports smarter milking operations, helping your milk stay perfectly preserved and profitable.

  • Stay updated on cooling and cleaning from your smartphone
  • No loss of milk due to cool safe principle
  • Save on bills by optimising the use of cheaper night-rate tariffs or solar power
  • Fast cleaning and maximum time savings with Eco-Wash
  • Integrated tank guard monitors proper functioning of cooling and cleaning

Key features

The iControl is filled with intuitive advanced features that work hard behind the scenes at every stage of cooling and cleaning, keeping you informed and your milk secure.

  • Permanent monitoring of vital information such as volume and temperature of milk, duration of cooling, cleaning and stirring, displayed in user-friendly tables and graphs
  • Visual and audible alarms on the iControl display or Fullwood Packo Cooling app
  • Cool Safe – Extra protection checks ensure that milk is always cooled
  • Guarantees fast and excellent cleaning with minimal use of water and detergent
  • Remote monitoring – when your iControl unit is connected to the internet, your installation engineer can check the status of your cooling tank

Ready for greater control?

Having greater control over your cooling process sounds good in theory, but is there a smart solution that can deliver it intelligently and intuitively? Meet iControl. Designed for maximum usability, iControl only gives you the alerts and information that you request. Easy to set up and even easier to use, it’s the smartest way to preserve your milk for the best results.

The complete solution, from start to finish

What makes Fullwood Packo different? We cover your milking process, end to end. All of our solutions are integrated and talk to each other in perfect harmony. As a farmer, you want a smart, informative, and reliable solution. We take the time to learn what you need, before combining it with our exceptional product design and expertise to find a solution that works for you, through every stage of milking.